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EPH 2:20




6-9 JULY 2023


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Todd Hunter


TODD DAVID HUNTER and his wife Britt are cofounders of 'The Way Community,' an apostolic hub based in Bendigo, Australia, and one of the nation's most vibrant Christian communities.

Recognised into ministry as early as his late teens, Todd has over thirty years' experience in the best and worst of church culture and uses this experience to coach the next generation into their call while avoiding the classic snares of the enemy.

As an apostolic father, Todd's mandate is to 'teach, equip, train, empower, and release' a generation of revival carriers to Australia and the world.

Todd is received in his apostolic mantle by ministries in several nations around the world, including South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Argentina and Peru. 

Todd is known for his prophetic and healing ministry and energetic and uncompromising preaching and teaching. Todd is also a business owner and has funded himself in ministry for over two decades. Todd and Britt lead alongside their two adult children and their spouses, a testament to the revivalist community they have established. 

Todd bases his apostleship on the fruit that has come from his ministry, which has seen people he has raised up in ministry go out to over 15 nations

Todd has written "The New Wine", which challenges the church to let go of the known to embrace the 'new thing' the Holy Spirit is constantly seeking to do next. He is also currently releasing a 3 Volume set of his highly popular training series, "School of the Spirit".

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Israel Onoriobe


ISRAEL ONORIOBE is the International Administrator of the Wold Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries based in Cape Towen, South Africa, an apostolic kingdom reformation ministry charged with the mand of "Declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom, Unveiling the Purposes of God and Impacting the nations.

He has ministered in over 65 nations and has authored 15 books. His passion is to prophetically declare the purposes of God, teaching the principles of the Kingdom of God and releasing the Body of Christ into a greater maturity and Christ-like stature. 

Presently he is based in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife Miliswa and daughter Destiny, from where they oversee the work of the ministry to the nations.

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Detrick Gaskins


DETRICK L. GASKINS, founder and apostolic spearhead of Kairos International Training Center Inc. and KINSMEN Fellowships, is a native of Paterson, NJ. He flows within a solid apostolic, prophetic and teaching grace that has impacted many nationally and internationally. The primary beat of his heart is to; Restore the Lost, Equip the Saints and Destroy the Works of the Devil. Apostle Gaskins has a powerful yet practical teaching style that challenges and charges his audience and readers to advance past the realms of religious mediocrity and conformity.


Utilising his gifts and talents of the prophetic, teaching, singing, writing, healing, words of wisdom, knowledge and comedy, the anointing on his life has truly made room for him. Apostle Gaskins is sought for his expertise in 5-Fold Ministry, Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, Church Government and Structure. Apostle Gaskins spends most of his time as an avid writer, counsellor, leadership mentor, trainer and Dean of Kairos International Training Center Inc.


Within his 30 years in ministry, he has been afforded to advance the kingdom across the U.S. and internationally as a published author, music recording artist, teacher and empowerment speaker for foster and sexually displaced children. Sharing his life-changing testimony of adoption and sexual perversion, those who have come in contact with this young man have experienced lasting results through his ministry.

Apostle Gaskins currently resides and serves the Las Vegas, NV region. Apostle Gaskins has one daughter, Miss DeMeta D. Gaskins.

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Jason Harrison


Jason Harrison and his wife Rachel are the senior leaders of New Nature Church (Bendigo), an apostolic equipping and sending hub. Jason is also the overseer of the Mobile Prayer Unit (heal & deliver), he walks in a breaker anointing and carries a deep desire to see the church move in faith and do great exploits. His life's message is to see righteous sons & daughters rise and multiply.

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