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Code of Conduct

It is out of respect for God, ourselves, and others that we abide by these rules.


If you violate these rules:

  • you may be denied the privilege of participating any further in the mission trip.

  • you may be asked to leave (without reimbursement of any expenses, extra accommodation or travel) 

If any activity constitutes an illegal action, it will be immediately reported to local authorities regardless of the consequences.

This code of conduct constitutes part of the Consent Agreement

To Provide The Best Experience, All Team Members Agree To The Following:

  • to respect the spiritual growth and work goals of the mission trip

  • to participate in all scheduled activities, which are designed to make the most of your mission experience. 

  • to not act or behave in a way that creates significant distractions or disruptions to other participants or leaders. 

  • to respect others’ privacy by not entering into lodgings of members of the opposite sex.

  • to dress and behave modestly to show respect for the community, its people, and the other participants and to be an effective ambassador of Christ

  • to respect the local community and those we live with for the mission trip by not damaging accommodation facilities, or other property. 

  • to respect those around you by not using obscene or abusive language or engaging in reckless behavior that could cause harm to others or yourself. 

  • To help the mission trip time be focused on interacting with God and others, by minimizing time spent on mobile devices and social media, except for the purposes of supporting the mission.

  • to not leave the group when out, or the accommodations at times of rest for any reason without requesting such leave from leadership and stating where you are going, who you will be with, why you are going and when you expect to be back. Leadership reserves the right to deny your request

  • to not change room assignments, so your location will be known in the event of an emergency. 

  • to respect other participants rest and quiet time with God

  • to not have in your possession or use fireworks, firearms, illegal drugs, or alcohol.

  • to obey all the laws of the community and state in which I am serving with the knowledge that illegal activity will not be tolerated and that local police will be called if necessary. 

  • to respect and follow all the directives of the team leaders.

  • to not use cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vape pens or any form of smoking device for the duration of the trip

  • to respect others by avoiding inappropriate sexual activity and not engage in sexual misconduct, which can include inappropriate comments, gestures, or physical contact. 

  • to respectfully correct any inappropriate actions of any participant and choose to bring to the attention of leadership if necessary

  • to not ridicule, humiliate, or engage in any negative or inappropriate behavior with other team members or locals.

  • to be supportive of leadership, their decisions, directives and choices.

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