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Image by Heather Morse


Bendigo: to be a blessing

The word "Bendigo" in Spanish means
"to bless" - to give a blessing to another.

We believe that this is a prophetic name for our city and points to the mandate to be an Apostolic Hub like Antioch from where people go out to the nations. The Way Community also sees that mandate as a core purpose.

Here are some of the ministries and missionaries that have launched out from The Way.

Murray and Deborah Aldridge
Ali Curung - Northern Territory.
Murray and Deb have had a lifetime together of missions. After spending two years of training and equipping with The Way, they relaunched in ministry, in the power of the Holy Spirit as missionaries to Ali Curung, an indigenous community in the Northern Territory.


Chris & Jess Morley
Thailand and Australia.
Chris and Jess started in Bendigo, Australia and were trained and equipped with The Way. They felt the Holy Spirit draw them to missions and moved to Thailand and established a ministry helping single mum's and their children.
Now based back in Australia, they live a life of missions and are currently on assignment in Sydney with their beautiful family of 7 children.

Food Bank Ministry
Bendigo, Australia. 

Graeme & Lois launched the Food Bank ministry to help meet the needs of the poor and distressed in the city of Bendigo.

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